Happy Birthday, Maiso Potato

January 30, 2012

It is so hard to believe that Maisie is one year old today.  It seems like just last week we were bringing her home from the hospital…driving very slowly…and introducing her to all the people that would be an important part of her life.  I’ve watched her grow from basically a lump of baby needing to be fed every three hours to a real legitimate little person.  Stubborn, independent, prone to throwing cake at times and smiling at all hours of the day and night, unless a camera comes out, then you can’t buy a smile.  She has gone from 4-ounce bottles of formula six times a day to shoving as many peas as possible into her mouth (which, sooner or later, all end up rolling out of her mouth and onto the table and floor).  I was with her when her feet got wet for the first time in the ocean, and hugged her close every time she’s bumped her head on the floor/changing table/doorknob/refrigerator/ oven/end table/coffee table/toilet/sink/faucet/screen door/lawn/vase/toybox/hiking boot.  Her mom and I watched her eat her first banana and spit out her first yogurt, dance in front of the TV to Bruce Springsteen and Rush (yes, that Rush), and laugh as she opened her mouth wide for us to see her six teeth jutting out from her gums like a crazy insane neighbor’s picket fence.  Just lately, she’s started to wave goodbye the minute I get my coat from the closet, and sticks the correct leg out when I slip her pants on.  She likes to stand up and bang on her bedroom window naked after a bath (a habit that hopefully will cease before she’s sixteen), and she crawls like a hermit crab with one leg dragging behind her.  It’s been hard to pinpoint a first word, but it’s either “Momma,” “quack,” or “moo” (I’ve heard her say all three at the appropriate times, like when she’s raised her arms to her Mother, or when she’s opened her animal book to the duck page, or when we’ve brought the cow inside from the backyard).   Her favorite Grandparents are G-Pop and Noni, and Ma and Pa (I figure that’s who she’s gotta be waving at).  Her favorite uncles are Dan, Steve, Larry and Jerry (and Marty, Perry, Shane, Randy, and Disco Danny).  Her favorite aunts are Barbara, Bonnie, Erika and Jen (and Maureen, Sandra, Heidi, Annmarie, Bonnie, Cara, and Floyd) .  Her favorite parents are Aimee and Vandy.  And her favorite toy is whatever keeps her quiet for five minutes.   The day she showed up exactly one year ago (and that is almost to the minute) was the best day of my life, and every day since has been pretty decent as well.

So Happy Birthday today kiddo.  I love you, we all love you.  Even when you throw cake.

Not smiling again


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