All Hallow’s Eve 2012 (Year of the Elmo)

The matter of what costume Maisie would wear was settled sometime around August.  The minute Maisie laid eyes on the Elmo outfit at Target, she shrieked, pointed, refused to consider anything else.  Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, all worthy…all relegated.  To complete her costume, she received a trick or treat “bag” shaped as an Elmo head from her Aunt Baba.

Over the course of the following weeks, Maisie helped Linda put up “sheet ghosts” in the trees, listened to Halloween Hullaballoo at least 72 times and perfected her delivery off the word, “Boo.”

  • Point at the tree ghosts… “Boo.”
  • Point at the giant plastic pumpkin in the window… “Boo.”
  • Point at her mother in the morning… “Boo.”

Then a few days before, it was time to model the full costume.  While of course adorable, it was still a bit strange to see a little Elmo holding an even smaller Elmo head.  It got even weirder when Maisie threw the Elmo head-bag on the floor and the front part of his eyeballs popped out leaving two half shells for eyes.  Undead Elmo, as the bag was now known.

But it wasn’t anything a tube of SuperGlue couldn’t fix, and soon enough Undead Elmo was back in the land of the living.  There was a walk-through of the Elmo costume at Heidi/Shane/Colby/Chase’s party and the results were generally positive.  Except for some comments about Elmo’s parents being lazy and not bothering to dress up, relying instead on “wacky shirts.”

Finally when the big day did come, Elmo and Little Head of Elmo went to downtown Ballard and did a laudable job of collecting loot, the small items were left in Maisie’s possession, but the larger items (Kit Kats, Nestle Crunch bars, etc) were all confiscated by her parents

Elmo on the warpath

PARTING HALLOWEEN SHOT:  10-year-old girl’s comment watching Maisie walking down the street:

“Oh my God, she is so cute, I could just die.”


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