Short Stories

YARD.  Right now we’re sitting in the backyard. I in my large Adirondack chair, Maisie in her small plastic Adirondack chair. She is painting. Well, if you can call painting splattering paint on some cardboard and stepping on it. Picture Jackson Pollack of the 2 ½ year old set.

ARM.  Maisie’s Uncle Steve has a pretty great collection of tattoos on his arms. And of course Maisie is pretty enamored with Uncle Steve so this morning Maisie got some “ink” of her own. With a black permanent marker on her left arm. “It’s a butterfly,” she says.

Able to leap tall piles of dirt in a single bound

Able to leap tall piles of dirt in a single bound

GAME. This afternoon, we played a new game. Maisie draped a blanket tent over her crib, then had me sit there for about twenty seconds while doings were going on under the blanket. At the end of 20 seconds, she popped out…totally naked…jumping up and down screaming, “Naked Wacko, Naked Wacko, Naked Wacko…”
Naked wacko, indeed.

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